Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Magic of manicure and pedicure – beautification services

On regular basis, women would use beatification services like manicure and pedicure. For many years, this drill remained intact in the personal duties for every month in their calendar. Even the experts and beauty advisers insist on the need for manicure and pedicure services are one of the regular essentials. Whether it was your professional environment or private hangouts, manicure and pedicure are very important.

Why manicure?

Nails are among the jewels according the womankind. They treat them as precious and often prefer to grow them. Nail polishes and other nail beatifications are very popular among the ladies. Thus, shaping the nails, cleaning them and making it dazzle is what makes the manicure a happy service to the women. Ladies would opt for manicure services ranging from once in a month to thrice a week in average. When it comes to celebrities, the count is totally out of the box.

Pedicure is also a big deal!

Though manicure gives the best look for your finger nails, there’s another beatification service that is equally demanding and regular to womankind. It is pedicure. Like manicure shapes and makes the finger nails dazzle, pedicure will beatify the toe nails with very beautiful complexions. In this highly beauty conscious world, women made this beauty regimen an essential aspect of life and their lifestyle promises them a better recognition and value for such beauty caring. In addition to the beautification, manicure and pedicure services plays a vital role in keeping the nails clean and harmless. The unshaped nails are often a threat for injuries and unclean nails could do harm worse than that.

Thus, when beauty comes with lifestyle values, then it is inevitable not to need it on a regular basis. Exploring the latest procedures and techniques in every beatification services would help the ladies to remain beautiful, now and forever.

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Why companies are increasingly moving towards SAP HR technology?

Human Resource management can become hectic for even the most experienced HR managers. A frantic effort to streamline the process through manual book-keeping is a foolish endeavor even with the usage of powerful data tools. Knowledge of SAP’s very own HR and Payroll functions technology becomes a very important skill to have for every HR executive or manager.

The Germans are known for their attention to detail and SAP is a well established player in the field for decades now. SAP HR is one of the most powerful products by the enterprise and aims to simplify Human Resource tasks and automate core timeline and payroll tasks, thus making it easier for a streamlined HR process in any organization.

To become a certified SAP HR professional all you need is the basic knowledge of SAP and the sufficient degree in HR management and the basic experience required for the job. Learning SAP HR is simple but implementing it in any organization requires a sharp mind that understands the working of the SAP HR tool as well as the intricacy of the organization and its HR policies.

SAP HR knowledge and implementation becomes even more useful when being used in a Multi-national Company with multiple branches of operation, thousands of employees and multiple levels of cohesive operation stretching across various time-zones. This is a scenario when manual data processing will not help no matter how many resources are employed! SAP HR is here to stay and evolve and soon become the most used HR monitoring technology ever to be used.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pharmacy Technician jobs in NY - Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center

 Pharmacy Technician Jobs in NY

Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center having offers for Pharmacy Technician jobs in NY at the functional area of Pharma / Biotech and this job opening is posted on  12th Jan 2016.

We are looking for candidates with skills and knowledge in Bio/Pharma Informatics, Data Management/ Statistics, Drug Regulation, Pharmacy, Quality Assurance, Quality Control with 0 to 2 years experince.

Find Corp-Corp employment at Healthcare / Pharma / Bio-tech industry in New York Metro Area, this pharma tech job opening will fetch you best salary in the industry if you are having a valid work authorization. More vacancies to be placed by the recruiters, find a  Non IT sector jobs for freshers and experienced job seekers with High School qualification.

This opening was posted 6 days ago by the employer

Company Name: Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center
Recruiter Address: New York, NY, United States 8658370

Apply for this job with your updated resume to show interest on the available Pharmacy Technician Vacancy

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Employment Opportunity as Analyst in New York Offered by ACCEL INVESTMENTS

 Employment Opportunity for Analyst in New York

ACCEL INVESTMENTS is hiring talents for the position of Analyst in New York, New York Metro Area for Finance / Insurance industry, professionals who are fresh and holding Any,US Citizen,Green Card,EAD / TN, H1B Work Permit, OPT / CPT, H4, F1, F2, L1, L2 work authorization can apply for this job in Business Development functional area.

Find jobs in Corp-Corp,W2-Permanent,W2-Contract,Contract to Hire,Need H1B,Internship,Full Time employment  in It sector for the Analyst job role in Bay Area.

If you are a High School qualified graduate walk in directly to

Employer Address: New York, NY, United States.

Also you can post your resume to reach the recruiter for detailed information and to fix appointment to schedule the interview.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What Will SAP HANA Training Be Like in 100 Years?

Get SAP HANA Certification:

SAP High-Performance Analytic Appliance Cloud Platform is highlighted, open standards-based, in-memory HANA cloud platform designed for today's highly networked, mobile, social and data-driven universe. Programmers can quickly build effectful, highly scalable applications leveraging the great speed and scale of SAP HANA.

This Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering allows you to concentrate on programming your software and utilize an enterprise-ready preload settings in the SAP Cloud to deploy and run your applications in a secure and reliable way.

This SAP HANA Certification will introduce you to SAP HANA Cloud Platform and teaches you how to get advantage of the different services it provides. Since the initial course in Q4, 2013, the developer understanding on the platform has been simplified.

Working with SAP HANA (Course)and SAP HANA (Online) origin applications on SAP HANA (Tutorial) Cloud Platform, as well as by the interconnected service and SAP HANA Cloud Portal, is becoming much easier.

Few of the UI you'll see during the classes, units will so look Some of the user interfaces you'll see during the classes, units will so look slightly different to what you view on your desktop. Where this marks a difference from a user perspective, we've given subtitles to the unrestricted demo video to clarify the differences.

SAP HANA Tutorial Free Live Demo Video

We help you on the SAP HANA registration, SAP HANA learning material, and the SAP HANA Training exam. You will be able to get few practical experience of the platform with a developer account. We'll clarify how you can get permission at the start of the course.

Suitable for: 
Application Developers already completed SAP BO, SAP BI, SAP ABAP, SAP BW etc….

Course Requirements: 
Basic programming language, ideally in Java.
Basic knowledge in using an Eclipse development environment.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

SAP BW with HANA Training | Course Details for SAP BW Powered by HANA

SAP BW with HANA Training

SAP  Business Warehouse on HANA is the next wave of SAP's in-memory technology view that allows SAP NetWeaver  Business Warehouse to use SAP HANA as a complete functioning in-memory database. Running SAP BW on HANA results in intensely improved performance, simplified administration and modernized Information Technology landscape resulting in lower total cost of ownership.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse  or also called SAP BW in short, is the term of the Business Intelligence, analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing answer  produced by SAP.

SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse  or also called SAP BW in short, is the term of the Business Intelligence, analytical, reporting and Data Warehousing answer  produced by SAP. Serving as a powerful Enterprise Data Warehouse application platform  Business Warehouse offers flexible reporting and analysis tools.

What is SAP BW on HANA?
SAP BW on  High Performance Analytic Appliance is just SAP's existing NetWeaver BW data warehouse, running on SAP HANA. SAP now supports SAP HANA as the primary database for the NetWeaver BW Data Warehouse. Because SAP HANA is much faster than regular relational databases like Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, the data warehouse performs much faster.

SAP BW on HANA Benefits:
SAP BW Powered by HANA is smarter, simpler and more competent.

Customer value of SAP BW on HANA: 
Excellent query performance for better decision making Performance boost for Data Load procedures for decreased data latency Accelerated In-Memory planning capabilities for swift planning methods Flexible - combine EDW with HANA-native data for present insights and decision making Data persistency layers are remove and simplify administration efforts Simplified data modeling and remodeling.

SAP BW with HANA Training Migration:  
The transformation to SAP BW on HANA is quite easy and requires no extra modeling or edition of existing information assets. BW is the first SAP application to be re-architected and rewritten to take full advantage of the enhanced capabilities of HANA. Processing that would usually be complete at the application (ABAP) layer is lacking down into the database where it can be optimally executed with the several calculation and aggregation engines.

BW includes two model types adjusted for best performance on the HANA platform. Existing BW types can be used, in most cases, with Existing BW client tools, like SAP Business Explorer, are supported by BW on SAP HANA. The HANA database also supports direct clients like Microsoft Excel and SAP's Business Objects BI (Business Intelligence) tools.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

ABAP on HANA is the Future for Programmer - Training & Jobs

ABAP on SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance is  expected as the most promising talent. ABAP on HANA is the upcoming for Advance Business Application Programmer. Be it SAP Enterprize suite on HANA, ERP Central Component on HANA, Customer Relationship Managementon HANA, Supplying Chain Management on HANA, you have to have ABAP on HANA skill. . .

The earlier ABAP will NOT be good enough there. In this virtual based certification, Session covering all the technical and architectural facts, thereby grooming the tutee in all aspects of functioning on SAP ABAP on HANA.

You going to know all the major topics which will support and  train the ABAPer to work and  transform their ABAP knowledge to work on HANA.

This SAP HANA ABAP Training will keep growing their knowledge for beginner as well as expert to get succeed on ABAP on SAP HANA. Learn at your ease online, classroom and  onsite

For SAP ABAP HANA Consultant jobs are waiting around the world and there are chances of paying 2.5 – 10.5 Lakh Rupees in India, £45,000 - £60,000 in UK, $50000 – 84452 in US.
What am I benefiting from this course? 
Ask our world’s top experienced trainers but sure you will become a good professional

What do I need? Nothing, Just keen Interest
What can learn?  You will learn everything about SAP ABAP on HANA

 Portion Getting Covered
Introduction to SAP HANA
Introduction to ABAP on HANA
Product Availability SAP HANA - Matrix for Business Suite on HANA
Sizing for SAP HANA - Business Suite on HANA

Installation of SAP ABAP Development Tools
SAP HANA ADT Installation on SAP HANA Studio
Overview Demo of ABAP features using ADT - ABAP Development Tools in SAP HANA

This SAP HANA ABAP Training topic explains SAP HANA Studio
Adding a New Host in SAP HANA Studio
Creating a Package in SAP HANA Studio
ABAP Perspective in SAP HANA
Creation of ABAP Project in ADT by connecting to ABAP system
Creation of Package in HANA Studio for Consuming in ABAP SE38 programs
This SAP ABAP on HANA training topic explains creation of package in SAP HANA and consuming it in ABAP
Running a SAP Program by creating it in ADT in HANA Studio

Installing SAP HANA Sample Application
Sample Installation of EPM in SAP HANA
Creating a connection in SAP

Importing Data and Models in SAP HANA
Importing a Sample CSV file in SAP HANA

Transport Management in ABAP on HANA
SAP HANA Transport Container
Delta Merge in SAP HANA
How to check in SAP GUI and SAP HANA Studio whether table is row or column store
SAP HANA Modeling Overview
Attribute Views
Analytic Views

This SAP HANA ABAP Training topic explains SAP HANA analytic view creation

SAP HANA Roles required for ABAP based schema
SAP ABAP on HANA Reference Book
SAP HANA Reference Document
SAP HANA Developer Book
SAP HANA Developer guide
Conclusion for ABAP on HANA

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